LED Boom Barrier


  • Multifunctional Controller with a variable frequency control system: Enhanced & Advance Technology which can control & adjust the speed
  • Red & Green LED lights built-in the cabinet (The light will turn Green Automaticallywhen the barrier get command foropen&Boominvertical condition & in close condition light will turn Red)
  • Inbuilt Auto Reverse System – the boom will rise up automatically if it comes across obstacle when falling down & it will stop if the boom hits something in rising
  • Maintenance-friendly: Easy, Quick and Low Maintenance
  • In case of power failure or off, the barrier can be open by manual release & automatic lock when power on
  • Robust design in sturdy steel structure
  • 100% Noise-free operation
  • Counting Function: Inbuilt Timer or Second counter.                                                         



Technical Details

 Voltage 220V/AC
Frequency 50Hz
Input Power 210W
Rotational speed 720 R /Min. (-50)
Start & Max Torque 3.2 NM (-10%)
Working Temperature -35 ̊C~ +75 ̊C
Working humidity ≤ 90% RH
Input Power Supply 220VAC ± 10% 50Hz
Control output Power ≤500W
Remote Control Frequency 433.92 MHz (100M > L ≥ 30 M*)
Operational Mode Wired Switch/ Remote/ RFID Reader
Open Close Limit Switch Yes
Infrared Photocells / Loop Detector Yes Inbuilt Connector
Self Cooling Technology Yes Inbuilt

Automatic Boom barrier

Automatic Boom Barrier asn-services

High-Speed Boom Barrier


Toll Barrier-High Speed Barrier-3 Mtr. 1-sec Electro-Mechanical Boom Barrier with 230V AC control boards equipped with anti hit mechanism, cooling fan for motor, and 100% Duty Cycle.

Commercial/Group Housing-4/5/6 Mtr. Electro-Mechanical 3/4/6 sec. Boom Barrier, 100% duty cycle.


Automatic Boom Barrier asn-services
Automatic Boom Barrier




  • Opening and Closing Time – (0.9SEC )
  • High-Speed Barrier
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Very Smooth Movement.
  • Over-Heat prevention-: Fan cooling machine for reduces the high motor temperature and over-heated.
  • Double limit-: Electronic limit and motor sensor memory limit for boom rising and falling.
  • Interface: Infrared photocell interface, Loop detector interface, IC system interface. Strong housing 2.5 mm thickness mild steel,
  • Housing is polished and further finished with plastic coating to ensure long-lasting bright colors.

Technical Specification     

Motor AC


-40°C to +75°C
Working cycle 100% Duty Cycle
Power supply 220V±10% / 110V±10%
Rated power 100W
Opening time 0.9s