ASN reader is an integrated fixed UHF reader with an adjustable high reading range of 0- 15 meters. These readers operate in 865- 867 MHz frequency range. With multiple tag capability, these sophisticated readers are extremely useful for multiple applications in various industry verticals. These readers are integrated with an antenna to read RFID tags and are connected to PC by an Ethernet cable through which data read by the readers are transferred to the PC and managed and manipulated further. This reader is primarily intended for track-side installations in asset tracking applications, This all-weather ruggedized UHF readers can be used indoor or outdoor and in all kinds of environments. These readers are highly recommended for even logistics, access control, electronic security, manufacturing automation, inventory management, vehicle tracking applications, etc.


Long Range Rfid Reader asn-services
Long Range Rfid Reader










  • Power supply: …………………….…………..220Va.c.10% 50Hz
  • Minimum opening time: ………………….1 sec,4 sec and 6 sec
  • Boom length: …………………………………up to 3 meters to 6meters max.
  • Working temperature: ……………………..-20ーC to +70 Cー,
  • Remote control distance: …………………….≥30m
  • Torque of the motor:…………………………….2.78nm to 3.28 nm
  • Motor Rotational speed:……………………….1400 Rmp

Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance     

Variable message sign showing people driving where parking spaces are available. Parking guidance and information (PGI) systems, or car park guidance systems, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies to provide the service.

Modern parking lots utilize a variety of technologies to help motorists find unoccupied parking spaces, car location when returning to the vehicle and improve their experience. This includes adaptive lighting sensors and parking space led indicators (red for occupied, green for available and blue is reserved for the disabled; above every parking space), and indoor positioning system (IPS).


Parking Guidance asn-services
Parking Guidance


Parking Management system

Parking system asn-services

Parking Management System

PMS system prevents t unauthorized parkers from entering your premises or gives access to authorized parkers. It provides multi-functions such as managing registered parkers and occasional parkers, setting charging standards, managing reports registering cards, etc. It makes the parking hi-tech and decor the premises.



Parking Ticket dispenser asn-services
Parking Ticket dispenser





Entry Ticket Dispenser

ASN Ticket Dispenser has been evolved over a period of 8 years and it has been designed and developed by a car park operator. Keeping all the car park processes have been integrated with the system.

Special Features

  • Quick access during peak hours maximum of 30 sec
  • Automated identification of registered vehicles.
  • Prevention from attempts of thefts or leakage from the system.
  • Support several types of cards.
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Automatic restart on power resuming after power failure
  • It is enabled with Smart card reader, barcode tickets-, long-range RFID, and QR Code reader for online booking.
  • TCP/IP protocols or stand-alone mode.

Exit Lane

  • When the vehicle reaches the exit kiosk, the operator collects the slip and scans the same Bar/QR code printed on the slip.
  • The calculated fee is displayed on the operator’s monitor and Customer’s fare display.
  • The Fee collector also verifies the current image of the vehicle with the image taken at entry time.
  • Fee can be charged in the mode of cash or smart card
  • When the process is completed successfully, the Barrier Gate will open.
Exit Station asn-services
Exit Station

Automatic Boom barrier

Automatic Boom Barrier asn-services

High-Speed Boom Barrier


Toll Barrier-High Speed Barrier-3 Mtr. 1-sec Electro-Mechanical Boom Barrier with 230V AC control boards equipped with anti hit mechanism, cooling fan for motor, and 100% Duty Cycle.

Commercial/Group Housing-4/5/6 Mtr. Electro-Mechanical 3/4/6 sec. Boom Barrier, 100% duty cycle.


Automatic Boom Barrier asn-services
Automatic Boom Barrier




  • Opening and Closing Time – (0.9SEC )
  • High-Speed Barrier
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Very Smooth Movement.
  • Over-Heat prevention-: Fan cooling machine for reduces the high motor temperature and over-heated.
  • Double limit-: Electronic limit and motor sensor memory limit for boom rising and falling.
  • Interface: Infrared photocell interface, Loop detector interface, IC system interface. Strong housing 2.5 mm thickness mild steel,
  • Housing is polished and further finished with plastic coating to ensure long-lasting bright colors.

Technical Specification     

Motor AC


-40°C to +75°C
Working cycle 100% Duty Cycle
Power supply 220V±10% / 110V±10%
Rated power 100W
Opening time 0.9s