Parking Management system

Parking Management System

PMS system prevents t unauthorized parkers from entering your premises or gives access to authorized parkers. It provides multi-functions such as managing registered parkers and occasional parkers, setting charging standards, managing reports registering cards, etc. It makes the parking hi-tech and decor the premises.



Parking Ticket dispenser asn-services
Parking Ticket dispenser





Entry Ticket Dispenser

ASN Ticket Dispenser has been evolved over a period of 8 years and it has been designed and developed by a car park operator. Keeping all the car park processes have been integrated with the system.

Special Features

  • Quick access during peak hours maximum of 30 sec
  • Automated identification of registered vehicles.
  • Prevention from attempts of thefts or leakage from the system.
  • Support several types of cards.
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Automatic restart on power resuming after power failure
  • It is enabled with Smart card reader, barcode tickets-, long-range RFID, and QR Code reader for online booking.
  • TCP/IP protocols or stand-alone mode.

Exit Lane

  • When the vehicle reaches the exit kiosk, the operator collects the slip and scans the same Bar/QR code printed on the slip.
  • The calculated fee is displayed on the operator’s monitor and Customer’s fare display.
  • The Fee collector also verifies the current image of the vehicle with the image taken at entry time.
  • Fee can be charged in the mode of cash or smart card
  • When the process is completed successfully, the Barrier Gate will open.
Exit Station asn-services
Exit Station

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