Tripod turnstile

Vertical Tripod Turnstile ASN-1000

  • Auto replacement function, reposition after a person passes by.
  • Anti tail function auto-lock once turns 120°.
  • Arms auto drop when power off-, ensure unblocked when accident.
  • Standard electronic interface, remote control through internet which is also could connect variety card readers and receive relay signals to work.
  • Diverse control mode optional, changeable due to varying, convenient for your manage.

    Tripod Turnstile asn-services
    Tripod Turnstile
  •  Auto alert error function, comfort for users maintain, and operate.
  • Manual button or remote control-, Bi-directional passage.
  • Open signal with memory or without set function.
  • Red and green light to show pass or stop, leisure to exit and entrance.
  • Cabinet & Internal Structure is in 304 SS grade.
  • Length of Swing Arm 500 to 550mm.
  • With drop arm features.
  • Unlock Time 0.2 seconds.
  • Passing Speed 30-40 Person/Min.
  • Passing Width 500-550mm.
  •  Power Supply AC220,50/60Hz.
  •  Operational Voltage Motor (24V)
  • Working Temp (-25°C to +75°C).
  • Protection Level 55IP
  • Electro-Mechanical Drive DC.
  • Dimension Excluding Bars (H980xW(480-1200)xD280mm).
  • Maximum power consumption 60W.


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