Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier

Special Functions & Features: 

  • With the function of self-examine and alarm, it is convenient for maintenance and use.
  •  Be able to program running status by the small keyboard in the main board
  • Flap door will stop move when it is being blocked, which prevent pedestrians from being nipped and from hurt.
  • Light and sound alarm is generated when the illegal invasion and the tail followed.
  • Arms are automatically locked until the opening signal is received.
  •  Arms synchronization (adjustable)
  • Automatically reset function: It will automatically lock if the pedestrian hasn’t passed through the channel in the pre-set time after the opening.
  • The passing time is adjustable. (default time is 10sec.)
  • Automatically open the gate when power off and automatically close when power on.
  • Several reader’s devices are attachable. (IC, ID access control, fingerprint access control, bar-code ticket access control, facial identification access control, time attendance machine est.)
  • One direction or bi-direction is optional.
  • It can be directly controlled and managed by remote control.


Flap Barrier with Biometric asn-services
Flap Barrier with Biometric



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