BERTA-Electro(ITALIAN Barrier)





Boom barrier_VDSBoom barrier_VDS


  • Irreversible, Intensive Use
  • Powder Coated Steel Structure
  • Engine Housing
  • In Cast Aluminum
  • Steel And Cast Iron Gears
  • High Performance
  • Electric Motor
  • Lithium
  • Grease Lubrication of Mechanical Parts
  • Micro-Switches In
  • Opening And Closure
  • Balance With Spring
  • Round Arm Standards – Rectangular Arm Optional 
    Power Supply 230 VAC 230 VAC 24 VCC 24 VCC
    Max Length Arm 6 Mtr 3 Mtr 6 Mtr. 3 Mtr.
    Opening Time 10 Sec 3 Sec 10 Sec 3 Sec
    Absorbed Power 250 W 250 W 60 W 60 W
    Operator Weight 45 Kg 45 Kg 45 Kg 45 Kg
    Noise Level <30 DBA <30 DBA <30 DBA < 30 DBA
    Environmental Conditions -20/+55º -20/+55º -20/+55º -20/+55º
    Degree of Protection IP44 IP 44 IP44 IP44

Loop Detector


loop-detector asn-services
  • Selectable Permanent Presence– Using this feature, the output of the presence relay will be maintained for an indefinite period, thereby eliminating premature barrier/gate/door closure and possible vehicle damage.
  • Loop Isolation Protection– The loop isolation transformer provides protection against lightning and transient damage and allows for operation with a single point to ground sensor loops.
  • Loop Frequency Indication– The possibility of crosstalk (interference) between adjacent loops/detectors can be determined by an integral indication, and eliminated by changing the frequency settings.
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB)– This feature facilitates the reliable detection of large truck-trailer combinations and high-bed vehicles by automatically boosting the sensitivity to maximum on detection of a vehicle




LED Boom Barrier


  • Multifunctional Controller with a variable frequency control system: Enhanced & Advance Technology which can control & adjust the speed
  • Red & Green LED lights built-in the cabinet (The light will turn Green Automaticallywhen the barrier get command foropen&Boominvertical condition & in close condition light will turn Red)
  • Inbuilt Auto Reverse System – the boom will rise up automatically if it comes across obstacle when falling down & it will stop if the boom hits something in rising
  • Maintenance-friendly: Easy, Quick and Low Maintenance
  • In case of power failure or off, the barrier can be open by manual release & automatic lock when power on
  • Robust design in sturdy steel structure
  • 100% Noise-free operation
  • Counting Function: Inbuilt Timer or Second counter.                                                         



Technical Details

 Voltage 220V/AC
Frequency 50Hz
Input Power 210W
Rotational speed 720 R /Min. (-50)
Start & Max Torque 3.2 NM (-10%)
Working Temperature -35 ̊C~ +75 ̊C
Working humidity ≤ 90% RH
Input Power Supply 220VAC ± 10% 50Hz
Control output Power ≤500W
Remote Control Frequency 433.92 MHz (100M > L ≥ 30 M*)
Operational Mode Wired Switch/ Remote/ RFID Reader
Open Close Limit Switch Yes
Infrared Photocells / Loop Detector Yes Inbuilt Connector
Self Cooling Technology Yes Inbuilt

Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier

Special Functions & Features: 

  • With the function of self-examine and alarm, it is convenient for maintenance and use.
  •  Be able to program running status by the small keyboard in the main board
  • Flap door will stop move when it is being blocked, which prevent pedestrians from being nipped and from hurt.
  • Light and sound alarm is generated when the illegal invasion and the tail followed.
  • Arms are automatically locked until the opening signal is received.
  •  Arms synchronization (adjustable)
  • Automatically reset function: It will automatically lock if the pedestrian hasn’t passed through the channel in the pre-set time after the opening.
  • The passing time is adjustable. (default time is 10sec.)
  • Automatically open the gate when power off and automatically close when power on.
  • Several reader’s devices are attachable. (IC, ID access control, fingerprint access control, bar-code ticket access control, facial identification access control, time attendance machine est.)
  • One direction or bi-direction is optional.
  • It can be directly controlled and managed by remote control.


Flap Barrier with Biometric asn-services
Flap Barrier with Biometric



Tripod turnstile

Vertical Tripod Turnstile ASN-1000

  • Auto replacement function, reposition after a person passes by.
  • Anti tail function auto-lock once turns 120°.
  • Arms auto drop when power off-, ensure unblocked when accident.
  • Standard electronic interface, remote control through internet which is also could connect variety card readers and receive relay signals to work.
  • Diverse control mode optional, changeable due to varying, convenient for your manage.

    Tripod Turnstile asn-services
    Tripod Turnstile
  •  Auto alert error function, comfort for users maintain, and operate.
  • Manual button or remote control-, Bi-directional passage.
  • Open signal with memory or without set function.
  • Red and green light to show pass or stop, leisure to exit and entrance.
  • Cabinet & Internal Structure is in 304 SS grade.
  • Length of Swing Arm 500 to 550mm.
  • With drop arm features.
  • Unlock Time 0.2 seconds.
  • Passing Speed 30-40 Person/Min.
  • Passing Width 500-550mm.
  •  Power Supply AC220,50/60Hz.
  •  Operational Voltage Motor (24V)
  • Working Temp (-25°C to +75°C).
  • Protection Level 55IP
  • Electro-Mechanical Drive DC.
  • Dimension Excluding Bars (H980xW(480-1200)xD280mm).
  • Maximum power consumption 60W.




ASN reader is an integrated fixed UHF reader with an adjustable high reading range of 0- 15 meters. These readers operate in 865- 867 MHz frequency range. With multiple tag capability, these sophisticated readers are extremely useful for multiple applications in various industry verticals. These readers are integrated with an antenna to read RFID tags and are connected to PC by an Ethernet cable through which data read by the readers are transferred to the PC and managed and manipulated further. This reader is primarily intended for track-side installations in asset tracking applications, This all-weather ruggedized UHF readers can be used indoor or outdoor and in all kinds of environments. These readers are highly recommended for even logistics, access control, electronic security, manufacturing automation, inventory management, vehicle tracking applications, etc.


Long Range Rfid Reader asn-services
Long Range Rfid Reader










  • Power supply: …………………….…………..220Va.c.10% 50Hz
  • Minimum opening time: ………………….1 sec,4 sec and 6 sec
  • Boom length: …………………………………up to 3 meters to 6meters max.
  • Working temperature: ……………………..-20ーC to +70 Cー,
  • Remote control distance: …………………….≥30m
  • Torque of the motor:…………………………….2.78nm to 3.28 nm
  • Motor Rotational speed:……………………….1400 Rmp