Toll Barrier(High-Speed)

Toll Barrier (High-speed) Model No-ASN Sprint-0.6sec


  • Multifunctional Controller with a variable frequency control system: Enhanced & Advance Technology which can control & adjust the speed.
  • DC Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor with Servo control.
  •  Superior performance equivalent to the main motor of the CNC machine tool and the electric motor vehicle, it has high control precision, high Torque density with balance, low power consumption, and very low maintenance.
  • Electronic clutch design: more convenient to lock/unlock the motor when power off (Patented Technology).
  • No limit switch design: accurate encoder detecting boom position when power on and open-close /speed is adjustable.
  • More sensitive and reacting faster when reversing on the obstacle.
  • Can be integrated RS485 communication, RJ45 Network, Infrared photocell, loop detector interface, radar module, and more secondary development.
Toll Barrier(High-Speed
Toll Barrier(High-Speed)



Permanent magnet synchronous Brushless 310V/DC in Servo

Input Power Supply

220VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz

Motor Input Power


Max Torque / Rotational speed

480 NM with 90 Rotation Min.

Operating Time

0.5 Sec- 0.6 Sec

Emergency -Patented Technology

Electronic Clutch Design

Counter Balance -Patented Technology

3 Tension Spring Crank transmission Design

Speed Adjustment

Accurate Encoder Detecting boom position when power on

Working Temperature / Humidity

-35 ̊C~+75 ̊C/≤90%RH

Safety Feature

The inbuilt sensor in Boom: more sensitive & reacting faster when reversing on obstacles

Working cycle

100% Duty Cycle

Infrared Sensors / Loop Detector

Yes Inbuilt Connector

Self Cooling Technology

Yes Inbuilt


10.5 Million